About Us

Who we are:

Maine amateurs helping Maine amateurs.



The purpose of this organization is to support amateur radio throughout the State of Maine. This will be accomplished by providing technical, physical and/or financial assistance to those persons or organizations, residing within the State of Maine who:

  • Operate amateur radio facilities.
  • Support services or operator training open to the amateur radio community.
  • Support community emergency responses or non-emergency events.


Board Members

Gary Gilman, N1ZNJ, President

Bob Gould, N1WJO, Vice President

George Jones, W2GPJ, Treasurer

Stephen Jordan, KD1OM, Director

Robert Bakker, KC1AIZ, Director

Maury Prentiss, KB1EZZ, Director

Mike Lawler, K0LDO, Director

Ivan Lazure, N1OXA, Director